• Order Placed & but Payment not made:
    You Order shall be automatically Cancelled within 3 days. You will have to place a fresh order.
    If we are unable to source or Supply the goods, we will refund you in Full.
  • Paid Order cancellation & Refund:
    We offer you Refund if you cancel the order before it is marked as: "Packed" or "Dispatched".
    If we have incurred any bank charges for the same, then this will be deducted from Refund.
    However we cannot Refund or Cancel any Order, once the goods have been shipped.
  • Return of Goods for Refund / Exchange: 
    We do Not entertain return of Goods. If for any reason, you have to Return the Goods back to us, then the Acceptance of this Return will be purely in our discretion.
    If accepted back, then we shall exchange or pay you after deducting for the charges & Price Cuts incurred by us to fulfill this order. 
  • GST Amount: if we are unable to claim back GST, then the same will be deducted  from the Buyer.