DOAT Digital Timer 220V 2204/4PIN

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220V 2204/4PIN
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Digital Timer Features
Advanced pre-setting one week before
15 combinations of daily programming in a week provided
18 ON/OFF programs, upto 126 ON/OFF setting for daily and weekly
Countdown function to accurate to second control
Programs memory reserved when power cut off
Auto time error corrction, weekly
12Hr/24Hr mode available
LED ON/OFF status indicate
Timer Specification
OPERATE VOLTAGE : 220~250Vac, 50~60hz, or 12Vdc/ac
Output: voltage output or volt free
Rating: 30amp@250Vac
Power consupution: 3VA
Progamming memory backup: Lithium battery 3Vdc
Operation temperature: 0℃~55℃
three month warranty